Old Economy

A National Historic Landmark
National Register Number: 66000644
Nomination Form and Building Inventory.

Location: Ambridge Borough, Beaver County, PA on the Ohio River.
The village is administered by the PA Historical and Museum Commission.
Their visitor center is at 270 Sixteenth Street.
Geographic Coordinates: 40.596667N 80.233056W

Statement of Significance (as of designation - June 23, 1965):
This thirty-acre historic district is significant as the most complete site of the utopian community known as the Harmony Society. The district includes over 90 privately-owned buildings, mainly residences, as well as a four-acre museum complex with over a dozen buildings that is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Since the dissolution of the Society in 1905, Old Economy has been part of the larger 20th century industrial town of Ambridge.

Links: PA Historical and Museum Commission's Old Economy Web Site and Wikipedia.

June 22, 2005
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