Cooper's Battery B

First Pennsylvania Light Artillery

July 14, 2008

The men of Battery B were recruited in the vicinity of Lawrence County, with many coming from Mount Jackson. There's a Cooper's Battery monument at the cemetery on PA108 in Mount Jackson. James H. Cooper is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in New Castle.

I first became aware of the Battery and Cooper when a Civil War re-enacter, Scott Debo, asked me to locate Cooper's grave through my participation in RAOGK. Which I did.

Across Baltimore Pike from the Evergreen Cemetery entrance. The small well worn monument in the foreground is the original Cooper's Battery B monument. It's illegible.

EVERGREEN CEMETERY Privates Alcorn and McCleary were killed on the battery's second cannon when a shot from a confederate cannon on Benner Hill hit the gun. They are buried in Evergreen Cemetery at the location shown by the ellipse.

The Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial
Honoring all the women who served in various capacities before, during, and following the Battle of Gettysburg.
It is a 7-foot bronze statue of a 6-month pregnant Elizabeth Thorn, who buried the first 91 soldiers from the Battle of Gettysburg in Evergreen Cemetery.
There is also a Battery B monument near the Pennsylvania Memorial on Hancock Avenue.

The third Battery member casualty was Peter Hoagland. He is buried in the National Cemetery in the PA section.
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