Lakeside August 13-20 2007

But before we start, here's a nifty Lakeside picture taken by John on my birthday, July 15, 2007.

Monday August 13:

Dropped off Maggie at SR Vet Hosp, Charlie at Gumpps.
2 hour old coffee, but still good. Packed.
Hit the road at 11:10. It was 75 degrees and the sun was shining.
IS80 in 15 minutes, 12 miles.
Ohio State line in a little under 30 minutes, 27 miles.
Ohio Turnpike in 45 minutes, 45 miles.
Half hour stop for lunch on the turnpike at Panera Bread.
Arrived in Lakeside at 2:45
John and Fran arrive at 3:50.

At Hoover Auditorium: Chatauqua Chorale
Their annual evening concert, directed by Craig Dieterich.
With guest appearance by Ed Caner.

Tuesday August 14:


At Hoover Auditorium:

The Celtic, folk, classical and bluegrass music of
Ed Caner and Friends:
Mark Dudrow (Devout Pedestrians),
The Rhondas and the
Lonesome Stars

I really love Ed's violin music!

Wednesday August 15:

Fran & Bev to the Womens Club to play bridge. Fran was the big winner, Bev came in 2nd.

East Harbor State Park beach tour:
Fran and John at the Grace L. Ferguson Gallery and Glass Blower Company.
Fly by of the now out-of-business Colonel Mustard's Custard.
Nap time and reading.
Dinner at the relocated Galley Restaurant in Marblehead.
Bridge and a soft ice cream break at Coffee and Cream.

Thursday August 16:

A visit to the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion.

Click on the picture or here for more of my photos.

Afterward, we had lunch with . . .

The Red Hot Society, urrr . . . Red Hat Society, at Grumpy's, 34 S. Huron, Toledo.
Henry F. Horn Hardware was the previous occupant of the building.

Heading back toward Lakeside, we stopped at the

And later at Hoover Auditorium:

Chapter 6 a capella jazz, pop, gospel and rock. They're great!

Friday August 17:

Scrape and paint south side of cottage.

Saturday August 18:

Scrape and prime and paint.

Scrape and prime and paint.

Scrape and prime and paint.

And here's the result.

But the top of the bottom window still needs a little work.

And you can't see what's around the corner.

Saturday Potpourri

Lakeside Symphony practicing for Saturday night.

Same view from the dock that John has from his living room sofa.
Well, maybe not quite.

A freighter at the LaFarge loading dock.

The view from the porch.

A birthday treat for Fran at:
Lorenzo's Culinary School "The Ultimate Northcoast Culinary Experience"

A Peachy Night with Pork . . .
Crusty bread with herbed oilve oil,
Mixed greens with lavender-garlic vinaigrette,
Peach stuffed pork loin,
Fresh corn with roasted red peppers and cilantro,
Roasted garlic infused mashed pototoes,
Peach flambe with ice cream.

Sunday August 19:

Breakfast at Avery's Cafe & Catering in Marblehead.
Soft ice cream at Coffee and Cream and hurry back in a:

Monday August 20:

Left for home at 10:30.
Heavy rains through Ohio caused slow driving because of visibility.
Lunch at the usual Perkins at the Niles exit off IS80.
Home at 2:50, where we found 2.3 inches of water in the rain gage.

John reports:
We left about 11:30 and went down Rt.4.
We encountered about four places between the Turnpike and Bucyrus where the water was over the road, but passable. Slowed to about 20 mph and went on through.
Had lunch in Bucyrus and no rain into Columbus.

If we had waited till late afternoon, we would not have been able to get between the Lake and Columbus.
Afternoon rains in a path along Rt.30, from south of Toledo to Mansfield flooded everything in the area.
Bucyrus got about 8" on Monday.

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