Western PA Dec 18-19 2007

Gene arrived from Huntingdon about 10:00PM Tuesday

Wednesday morning, we left Harlansburg at 6:30Am, stopping at the IS80/US19 McDonalds for breakfast sandwiches. Then a pit stop at the Turnpike rest area for a Starbucks cappuccino for Larry. We arrived at the Cuyahoga County Court House at 8:30, plenty of time before the scheduled 9:00AM Pretrial Hearing.

When we got to Room 139, Joyce was waiting, but neither of the attornies were there. Gene's attorney, Terri Stupica, showed up shortly after 9:00. Joyce's attorney, Elliott Resnick, didn't show until about 9:40. Since the Magistrate had another committment at 10:00 and had to leave at 9:50, the hearing was called off! Unbelievable! One would think Resnick would be cited for contempt of Court.

After the non-hearing, we headed south. We took a tour of the Rockside Road area of Independence. And had lunch at Arby's. We visited the building in which Gene used to work . . .

The Genesis Building; 6000 Lombardo Center; Independence, OH.

We then headed south toward the Canton-Akron Aiport.
Or as it's known in Akron, the Akron-Canton Airport.
At the airport, we went to the . . .

We returned to Harlansburg at about 6:00. Gene shoved off for Huntingdon shortly therafter.

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