Chautauqua Trip Jul 22-25 2007


Rental cottage(!!) at 2462 Lakefront, Lakewood at South end of Chautauqua

John, Earl, Scott, and Megan prepping Mike and Deb's unnamed pontoon boat

Bemis Point Ferry

Hotel Lenhart - classic hotel near Bemis Point

Italian Fisherman Restaurant at Bemis Point

Beverly, John, Scott, Jeremy, Deb ignoring the Institute's bell tower

Classic view of the Chautauqua Institute's bell tower

Hotels at the Chautauqua Institute

Dredgers cleaning seaweed from lake

Mike driving, Earl and Pat directing, Megan and Sara waiting to tube

Interstate 86 bridge at Bemis Point

Cornell's finest - Scott and Jeremy

Casting off - note Cornell's finest shoes

Scott, Deb, John, Sara, Megan headed out to tube

Deb dragging teenagers around the lake

Raptor Habitat.

Complete with bald eagle.

Polk Center

Larry's Other Place
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