Lakeside August 05-13 2006

The Lakeside Symphony with the Pointe of Departure Ballet.

John and Fran arrive.
Discovered Sid Foster's ash tree is being used as a research tree for the Emerald Ash Borer.
And . . .


We took an interesting tram tour of historic Lakeside. It was driven and narrated by long-time resident Carol Murray.

Also bridge.
Dinner at the Windjammer Restaurant. Turns out they were out of the only two good beers on the menu. The hostess then proceeded to dump a glass of water on Larry. And the food was not too thrilling. I don't think we'll be returning there. Ever.

Tour of Schedel Arboretum & Gardens. Click on the link to see those pictures.
Bev & Fran to Orchestra Hall for the movie "The Lake House".

The Chautauqua Chorale with the Guy's Club.

Dinner at The Garden at the Lighthouse Restaurant. With Creme Brulee!


 An afternoon stroll around Lakeside . . .

Also Bridge and . . .
The Lakeside Symphony conducted by Robert Cronquist.
"The Romance of an Evening in Vienna" with melodic waltzes and other favorites by Johann Strauss, Schubert, Lanner and Mozart.

CeCe Winans. The music on her web site is not too bad because it's at a reasonable volume. In Hoover Auditorium, however, the volume and lighting effects were overpowering. I did not enjoy it.

Discovered flat tire on Beverly's car, which was parked at the school house. Ended up at Walmart for repair. Walmart threw up their hands, said it was the valve stem and they couldn't fix it. But after some conversation, they put a new valve stem in place. Larry and Bev nervously head home with what could have been a leaky valve stem. Air pressure measurement at the first Turnpike rest area showed the tire still had 42 pounds of pressure. What a relief! No problem getting home.

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