Central PA Dec 16-19 2006

Saturday December 16:

Left home at 9:20AM with the cats and 95.2 on odometer.
Dropped cats at the Slippery Rock Veterinary Hospital for boarding.
Cash stop at bank in Harrisville.
Went through Barkeyville, across 80 to Woodland, then through Philipsburg, Tyrone and Water Street.
Arrived at Gene's at 12:20 with 259.3 on odometer. That's three hours and 164.1 miles.

Lunch at Walt's Cafe. Served by Walt hisself.
Carolers came into the restaurant and sang us all a Christmas carol.
Walt threatened to add $2 to all checks for the live entertainment.

Stopped by Isett Acres to talk to Judy. Said hello to Mel.
Then chocolate malts at The Meadows Original Frozen Custard on US22 across from Hoss's.

At 4:00, we watched the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl XXXIV, the NCAA Division III Football National Championship. The Mount Union Purple Raiders beat Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawks 38-16. This was Mount Union's ninth Division III title in 14 years.

Dinner at the Jumbo China Buffet next to Walmart. Gene invited his friend Bill Skipper, but Bill arrived back from a New York trip late and didn't make it.

Sunday December 17:

Burger King breakfast. Bad coffee.

Picked up Shel Bard after church and headed toward Altoona.

Drove across the Huntingdon Pike which comes out on US22 at the sharp bend just east of the SR866 cutoff to Williamsburg. Went airborne at the end of the paved segment of the pike.

Drove out Scotch Valley and up Canoe Creek to . . .

The end of the road in State Game Lands 166 between Brush and Canoe Mountains.

12" hot dog lunch at Inlow's in Duncansville by the Flea Market.

Then north on IS99/US220 to . . .

Loner Salvage Junk Yard in Port Matilda: Loner Salvage is a 33 acre junk yard right on US220. I wanted to see it because of an article in the Post-Gazette about the lack of zoning ordinances in rural townships (link).
They used Loner Salvage as a prime example of the problem.

We then took a tour of the new mammoth US322/US220/IS19 intersection in Port Matilda.

Stop at Dick's Sporting Goods in State College looking for 4F black powder for Shel to use next week hunting deer with a flintlock.

On into State College for a tour of weather forecasters. The National Weather Service has an office there, but it's in an office building. Not very photogenic, so we just kept on driving to . . .

Accuweather facility at 385 Science Park Road in State College.
We spotted this classic diner sitting behind a parking lot on SR26 down the steet from Accuweather:

A quick stop at the Toyota dealer in State College for a look at their 4Runners. They don't have much inventory on the lot.

Shel drove us back through Spruce Creek with a quick stop in Alexandria at the Cummins semi-trailer tool sale. Smitty bought a couple of grabbers for $5 each.

Dropped Shel off at his house and back to the Schmidt house.
Watched a little football, got hold of the Spriggles and arranged a visit.

Dinner at the Washington Street OIP and on to Jim and Jeannies for a nice visit.

Monday December 18:

Breakfast at Walt's Cafe.
Cappuccino, coffee and a router from C@ffeine [sic] "An Internet Cafe".

Cleaned out a corner of Gene's computer den and brought in a table from the bedroom. Moved the "new" Dell upstairs, installed the router, networked Gene's computers together. Installed Google Earth.

Drove to Mount Union for a 4:00 appointment with Gene's chiropractor, Dr Jason Hockenberry at Back to Health Chiropractic. Doc Hock says Gene's torn muscles and spine will take 3-4 months or so to heal. That'll be like February.

Stopped by Chet Grove's Cars Unlimited in Mill Creek looking for Bill Skipper. Found his brother Tim. Bill had driven to Harrisburg.

Dinner at Miller's Diner.
Watched the Colts trash the Bengals.

Tuesday December 19:

Breakfast at McDonalds. Cappuccino from C@ffeine.

Visit with Dot.

Larry shoves off at 11:15 or so. Via Tyrone, Altoona, Ebensburg and US422. Bought a hoagy at the sandwich shop on US422 between Shelocta and Elderton and ate it in the Alliance Church parking lot just east of Kittanning.

Gene leaves 11:45 and drives Skipper to Camp Hill for stitch removal appointment at 2:45. Lunch in Duncannon. On the way back, they picked up two tires in Mt. Union and took them to Mill Creek.

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