Western PA April 29 to May 1 2006

Saturday April 29

Gene arrived about 11:30PM Friday night.

First thing in the morning, we took a tour of the yard.
Then breakfast sandwiches from 388/422 Sheetz, eaten at McConnells Mill . . .

McConnells Mill Covered Bridge
St Gregory School in Zelienople This is the location of the Wunderground Personal Weather Station closest to my house. I've been getting weather data from it for the last couple of months and wanted to see what the place looks like.

Cranberry Dick Sporting Goods for a Spyderco knife sharpener, but it turns out that Dicks doesn't carry Spyderco even though the Dicks web site does. Larry got a cappuccino next door at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks, so all was not lost.

Costco visit. Gene decided he wanted to buy some utility knives, so we did a little additional shopping.

Closed Saxonburg Museum.
Dog Show in Progress A replica of the Brooklyn Bridge in Roebling Park, Saxonburg.
John A. Roebling, who built the real bridge, was one of the founders of Saxonburg.
The park is the original site where Roebling manufactured wire cable like that used in the bridge.

Sandwich in family restaurant in Saxonburg.
Back to Sylvania to drop off the Costco goods.
Stopped and chatted with Bill Bluedorn.

Check out this new commercial establishment on Route 19 around the corner from our place. What a thrill! Well, it's not all that intrusive, so not a big deal.

Kuharik visit.
Big Bend. Canal not obvious.
Dinner at Nahras.
Checked out where Skip gets his bagels for Billi's Bric-A-Brac in Huntingdon. He said it's on Cascade street across from the Post Office. We found New Castle Cold Storage Transportation Inc there.
Home with a coffee stop at the 388/108 Last Minit Mart.

Sunday April 30

Breakfast at C's Waffles on State Street, New Castle.
Then a Sunday morning search for cappuccino:
  Steamers now closed Sundays (again).
  The new coffee shop on Wilmington Rd was transformed to "Rocka Bye Baby" shop.
  Finally! Muggsies in New Wilmington is open and catering to the Westminster yuppies.

Mercer County Court House

The Court House was constructed between 1909 and 1911.

It is in the National Register of Historic Places.
It is historically significant as the seat of government of a Pennsylvania County and also (maybe more so) for its architecture and artwork. The architectural classification is Beaux Arts.

It is on a small hill in the middle of the Borough of Mercer and is highly visible from many approaches to the borough.

Kuharik drive by, but nobody in sight so we didn't stop.

North through Greenville to the . . .

Greenville Airport And the Limbless Tree Farm

Jamestown . . . looked for Crooked Creek Brewery and Pymatuning Dam Beer. We were told they've been out of business 5 or 6 years. And that it was an amber beer brewed by Straubs. It was a little bit smoother than Straubs and our source liked it better than Straubs.

Pymatuning State Park

Sausage subs from a "deli" in Espyville at the corner of Lynn and SR285.

At Linesville, we found carp eating bread and ducks walking on the carp.

Pennsylvania Game Commission Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center
Exhibits - Activities - Programs

Closed! But Opening Soon - Thursday May 4, 2006
Season Hours (May - End of Sept): Thurs-Sunday 9:00AM-5:00PM
Crap! This is the second time we've been here to find it closed.

We found that the Wilhelm Winery is within a stones throw of IS79. Well, maybe a seven iron.

Back through Mercer, taking back roads in Lawrence County.

New bridge on Golf Course Road across Taylor Run.

Dinner at Brown's Country Kitchen, who are open till 9:00 on Sunday.

Trip to 388/108 Last Minit Mart for a Gene coffee fix. We discover that their drive-up window only sells Subway and Chicken, no coffee.

Beverly watches Desperate Housewives while Gene and Larry snooze.

Monday May 1

Breakfast at the Wilmington Road McDonalds. Larry misorders McGriddle sandwich, Gene discovers New Castle McDonalds give more bacon in their Big Breakfast.
Then to Steamers so Larry can get a $3.50 cup of coffee.

Darley Vault in the Oak Park Cemetery.

We did an RAOGK for Jon Bergenthal, photographing the burial place of Edward C. Darley. He's in this vault.
Uhhh . . . Edward's in the vault, not Jon.

For more info and photos, click on the photo or here.

It took me 7 months to actually do this RAOGK (shame on me!), but it turns out to be the neatest one I've done.

Car dealer marathon: Preston Toyota, King Chrysler/Jeep and VW, Phil Fitts Ford, State Street Honda. Toyota Scion and Honda Civic only cars found with auxiliary audio inputs. Ford Escape looks nice - smaller than the Explorer.

Gene buys two half inch wooden rods at Lowes.

A shed along SR108 that caught Gene's fancy.

We drove north on 388 looking for and not finding a Cingular Tower listed in the FCC database.
Larry later discovered we didn't go far enough north on 388.

With Gene's metal detector, we found the wedge we lost in the Sylvania woods a year earlier. It was REALLY close to the stump of the tree we cut down. In fact, if it was a snake, it could of bit us. DUH! It was hardly rusted after it's year in the weather.

We did the annual reset of wooden cement block holder by the heat pump.

Gene left about 1:30 with two doggy bags in hand.

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