Shenango Lake and River

January 24, 2006.

Golden Run Wildlife Area

The Area is maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Shenango Dam.

The entrance on Lake Road (PA258) just east of PA18. The Beaver Pond. A short hike from a parking lot on the road. Shenango Lake, which was created by the Shenango Dam.
A ladder for "Ice Rescues Only" Gene in a no parking zone taking a nap
waiting for me to return from my photo shoot.

Shenango River Big Bend

As seen from West River Road. From under the Rutledge Road bridge, looking down river toward the Big Bend.
The towpath for the Erie Extension Canal went down the opposite side of the river.
Note how flat the far shore is. I think we may be seeing the towpath in this photo. A boater arrived while we were looking at the river.
We chatted awhile and he launched, heading up stream.
What I think is the Erie Extension Canal and/or towpath is obvious on the opposite bank. Looking up the river from the Rutledge Road bridge.

The Big Bend as seen from above in 1993.

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