New York Finger Lakes October 11-14 2005

This trip was to take Beverly's nephew Jeremy back to school after an extended weekend at home in Union City, PA. He attends Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and neither Beverly or I had been to Ithaca. We added a couple of nights afterward to do a quick tour of part of the Finger Lakes.

Monday October 10

Drop off Cats at Slippery Rock Vets at 9:00.
Pit stop at Sheetz for cappuccinno and Krispy Kremes and head north.

Collect Gocals from 38 W High Street and Corry Manor. On to St. Mary's in Erie for an entrance interview. Passed interview with flying colors. McDonalds lunch in Erie. Back to Union City. Grocery trip. Beef and pasta dinner. Run Ray back to Corry Manor. Football Game, Steelers beating San Diego with a last second field goal.

Tuesday October 11

Up early, oatmeal breakfast. Pick up Jeremy at 10:00. UC Country Fair cappuccino for the road. Routes 8, 89, IS86. Gasup at a taxless indian reservation half way. Subway lunch in Bath, NY, Spicy Italian (my favorite) still on the menu there. Exited IS86 at Savona, took back way through Watkins Glen into Ithaca. Great view of Cornell coming into Ithaca on NY79. Should have taken a picture!

Cornell University Jeremy in front of the Alpha Gamma Rho house.

Fall Creek and the Hydraulics Lab from the Thurston Avenue Bridge.

Jeremy gave us a nice tour of the fraternity house, a walking tour of the campus close to the house and a driving tour of much of the rest of the campus.

We stayed at the William Henry Miller Inn at the corner of Aurora and Buffalo Streets in downtown Ithaca.

Dinner at Moosewood restaurant, a short hike from the Miller Inn. Moosewood was popular with the hippies back in the 70's and Beverly has one of their cookbooks from that era. She has prepared many of their vegetarian recipes.

After dinner and a (very) short walking tour of downtown Ithaca, we returned to the Inn for dessert.

Wednesday October 12

Gourmet breakfast at the Miller Inn. All the other guests eating at that time had also eaten at Moosewood the night before. A popular place!

After breakfast, we decided to visit the . . .

Cornell Labratory of Ornithology
and the Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary

Entrance to the Imogene Powers Johnson
Center for Birds and Biodiversity.

The Center from the Wilson Trail.

The Owens Observation Platform. But we didn't observe any Owenses.

We then drove through Ithaca and headed north on NY89 to . . .

Taughannock Falls State Park

The falls are 215 feet high, which is 33 higher than Niagara Falls. They can be viewed from above or below. You can drive to the above viewing point. It's a 3/4 mile hike to the below viewing point. Then another 3/4 mile if you want to return to your car.

Above viewers seen from below.

Lunch at Knapp Vineyards Winery and Restaurant.

On to downtown Seneca Falls, where we visited the National Women's Hall of Fame. Ten women, including Hillary Clinton and Maya Lin, were inducted into the hall the previous week.

Also in downtown Seneca Falls is the . . .

Women's Rights National Historic Park.
This park commemorates women's struggle for equal rights,
and the first Women's Rights Convention,
held at the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, NY on July 19 & 20, 1848.
The Wesleyan Chapel

Over 300 people attended the Convention.
The Declaration of Sentiments was ratified
and was signed by 68 women and 32 men. Beverly reading the Declaration of Sentiments.
That's water flowing down the wall.

The Seneca River - the Cayuga Indians called it "Sha-Se-On-Se" or "Swift Waters".

In Seneca Falls the Seneca River of the early 1800's was a winding, rapid-filled waterway that became an important carrying place on the route from Albany to Geneva and on to the western territories. Early white settlers first built crude shelters in the area known as the "Flats", a low-lying spot now submerged beneath the waters of Van Cleef Lake.

Soon, as entrepreneurs recognized the waterpower potential of the falls of the Seneca River, thriving milling industries began. In the early 1800's a small canal was built next to the river, bypassing the falls. Beginning in 1825 this channel, known as the Cayuga-Seneca Canal, was expanded and connected to the much larger Erie Canal. This link opened national markets to products made in Seneca Falls.

In 1915, much of Seneca Falls' industrial landscape was altered forever by the merging of the canal and the river as part of a project to rebuild the Erie and Barge canal system. The original falls were submerged beneath the new waterway, leaving only the name, Seneca Falls, as a reminder of the power of the Seneca River.

Today, the Cayuga-Seneca Canal is an important recreational resource, linking Cayuga Lake, Seneca Lake, and the Erie Canal as part of the New York State Canal System.

We had a Chai Latte at Zuzu Cafe in downtown Seneca Falls.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Waterloo, where we had a rather ordinary dinner at Our Heritage Cafe. Larry got a glass of vinegary wine.

Thursday October 13

McDonalds sandwich for Larry on the road. Then back to Zuzu Cafe for cappuccinos and pastry for Beverly. Yum.

When Anthony met Stanton In May 1851, there was a chance encounter on the streets of Seneca Falls which forever altered the struggle for women's rights. Amelia Jenkins Bloomer introduced Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The friendship that was forged between Stanton and Anthony gave direction and momentum to the seventy-two year struggle for women's suffrage which culminated on August 26, 1920 in the passage of the 19th Ammendment to the United States Constitution. Neither woman lived to see this happen.
Cayuga-Seneca Canal Locks 2 and 3

The two adjacent locks have a combined lift of 49 feet.
They are one of just two combination locks within the New York State Canal System.

Slight back track to gas up, then we headed south.

Mormon Church adjacent to
The Peter Whitmer home.

We toured the Peter Whitmer home and the adjacent Mormon church.

At the home, on 6 April 1830, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was formally organized with six members. Members of the Whitmer family did much to further the budding Church. They took in the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. and his wife Emma for a period of time and allowed Joseph and Oliver Cowdery to work on the translation of the Book of Mormon in their home. Joseph also received revelations comprising 20 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants, and some of the first priesthood ordinances were performed in or near this home.

Or so they say.

Continued south and drove past the Seneca Army Depot. Rain starts. Again.

Wine tasting at Wagner Winery. Good wine. Wines purchased: Vintner's Chardonnay, unspecified year; 1999 Finger Lakes Brut Champagne; 2003 Reisling Dry; Merlot.
Then lunch at their Ginny Lee Restaurant.

Wine tasting at Chateau Lafayette Reneau Winery. Excellent wine! The best of the 5 wineries we sampled on the trip. Wines purchased: 2003 Chardonnay (2 bottles); 2003 Late Harvest Reisling; Merlot. In retrospect, we should have gotten more.

Heavier rain plus fog. Drove through Watkins Glen to the west side of Seneca Lake.

We stayed at the Inn at Glenora Wine Cellars. We had a room with a view of Seneca Lake, but with the rain and fog we couldn't see the lake. But the room came with a bottle of Spumonte, "a sweet sparkler - great for any festive occasion!" So we emptied the bottle. Then an enjoyable dinner at Veraisons Restaurant.

Friday October 14

Still raining. Still couldn't see the lake. Maybe it wasn't there.
Breakfast at Veraisons Restaurant was a disaster. That didn't entice a return trip, though everything else at Glenora was very nice.

We heading south to Corning and the . . .

Corning Museum of Glass.

We toured the museum and had lunch in the cafeteria amidst a large group of Amish with lots of well-behaved children.

The stained glass window to the left is a Tiffany done for the music room of Rochroane, a Gothic Revival mansion built in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York. The window depicts the Hudson River landscape as seen from the masionís hilltop location. The river vista is framed by hollyhocks, clematis, and trumpet vines.

Hit the road back, arriving in Union City about 4:00PM. About 5:30 went to Corry Manor to visit Bev's father. He had been moved to a new room and we found him 61. Went to the UC Pizza Hut for pizza and got gas. At the Country Fair.

Saturday October 15

Up early. Oatmeal and OJ. Quick trip to the supermarket. Hit the road for home at 9:30 or so. Got to Slippery Rock a little after 11:00, just missing the SRU Homecoming parade. Got the mail, cats, quick groceries. And home.

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