Lakeside Trip August 13-21 2005

Saturday August 13

We left home at 12:15, stopped at Books and got gas, ice, sandwich for Larry, newspaper, checked the tire. On US19 heading north at 12:30. Odometer showed 53059 at Springfield Grille.

We ran into rain heading north on Route 11. It took an hour to get to Orwell and . . .

1st Annual 2nd Generation Hejl-Orichella Pig Smokin Bash in the Stix
Jason Hejl's; 4753 Montgomery Road; Orwell, Ohio 44076.

Above are the brothers Orichella and the guest of honor. The guest of honor wasn't very pleased about the way the event turned out, but everybody else was.

We had a nice chat with Joe and Joanne, and it was great to see (almost) all of Joe's siblings again.

We left about 3:15, before the guest of honor was served.

We took OH86 up to the IS90 Vrooman Road get-on. I knew there was a reason for them to put that entrance there!

Followed IS90 through Cleveland, a trip down memory lane. We had an unexpected side trip just before the IS90/IS71 split, and had to do some exploring to get back on IS90 headed west.

We arrived at Lakeside at about 5:45. John and Fran were already there, Fran sporting a pair of lime green Crocs. They're really nifty . . . I've gotta get a pair for myself, though I think I'll opt for different color.

John and Fran brought pulled pork and salad from Columbus for dinner so we didn't miss out on a great pork dinner by leaving the pig roast early. Yum!

Sunday August 14

Launching of the Lakeside Daisy 2
Lakeside Dock - 2:30PM
The pre-launch ceremony and moving the boat to the water. The maiden voyage of the Lakeside Daisy 2. And the Lakeside Volunteer Fire Department was at the launching with a fund-raising effort.
Just another street in Lakeside

Wednesday August 17


We went by JET EXPRESS,
"The Fastest Way To Put-In-Bay."

Half way across, we met the previous ferry scurrying back to Port Clinton.

Beverly, Fran and John looking for outfits for Lakesiders.
Fran is considering the orange bathing suit. That's John and Fran walking down the "Boardwalk".
Fran's the one wearing the lime Crocs.
Hmmm, the sign doesn't show the 7.4NM distance to Lakeside. Put-In-Bay from the top of Perry's Monument. Looking north-east from the top of the monument.
That's Middle Bass Island in the upper left, including the strip of land across the top.
The island in the upper right is Ballast Island.
The monument is 8 1/4 miles from 141 Jasmine Lakeside and the Middle Bass strip is 10 2/3 miles.
Both Ballast Island and the Middle Bass strip are visible from Lakeside on a clear day.
And of course, you can see the monument when sitting on the couch in the living room at 141 Jasmine. Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial
from the top deck of the Jet Express.

Saturday August 20

The new owners of 140 Jasmine, Rick and Jayne Sulser (who also own 549 Sycamore), had a 6-8:00 open house celebrating their new cottage. At 6:30, a surprise arrived for two of the attendees . . .

Classy transportation to a wedding anniversary celebration at Hotel Lakeside.

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