Harlansburg April 7-9, 2005 . . .

Thursday April 7

Smith arrived at 1:00PM. Lunch at Browns Country Kitchen, Portersville. Gasup at Books at $2.259 per gallon, 3 cents more per gallon than the Citgo south of 422. Back to 285 Sylvania to pick up camera.
Then north on US19 past Leesburg and Springfield Falls to . . .

Johnston Tavern.
Kept by Arthur Johnston; licensed in 1827. Present building erected in 1831. Served travelers on the Pittsburgh-Mercer road, and stood conveniently near Springfield Furnace, in operation after 1837.
As per the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission roadside marker across the street.
It's in the National Register of Historic Places, listed March 24, 1972.

The Johnston Tavern currently houses Tavern Greens, a shop selling Antiques, Florals and Gifts. It is closed January, February and March due to lack of central heating, but open the rest of the year.
The shopkeeper says the building is owned by the Springfield Restaurant Group, which owns Rachael's Roadhouse next door and other quality restaurants in the area.

A peek inside Tavern Greens to give a flavor of what they sell.

On north to Mercer and . . .

Confluence of Otter and Cool Spring Creeks, forming Neshannock Creek.
Next to SR58 just east of Mercer.
In Mercer, we made a stop for an update on the progress of the Kuharik pottery barn. The Kuhariks were not home, which was not unexpected since it was mid Friday morning and they both work.

Returning to Harlansburg . . .

The Unity Baptist Church in Harlansburg. Built in 1808, but it's not in the National Register.

We checked out the new sign on the Harlansburg Cave. It's by the Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy warning that unauthorized visitors will be prosecuted. And who to contact for information on access and projects.

Penn Power's Harlan Substation at 1715 Harlansburg Road.
That's in Hickory Township, next to Laurel School.
This is of interest because our electricity comes through here.
The new Maitland Lane bridge across Hottenbaugh Run.
This is on our way to the businesses north of New Castle on Wilmington Road.
It used to be a chicane with a one lane bridge in the middle of it.
Waterfall at the other McConnell's Mill in Lawrence County.
On McConnell Mill Road in Hickory Township.

Dinner at North Country Brewing Company in Slippery Rock with Beverly. Good Beer! Good food!

Friday April 8

We had breakfast in Grove City at the Coffee Grove and decided to go looking for the WSAJ-FM tower . . .

WSAJ-FM Transmitting Tower.
It is behind Willow Hills Golf at 109 George Junior Road. The Berkana Locator lists the tower at that address as FCC #1058124. It's owned by Cellco Partnership and licensed by Verizon. The latitude and longitude are 41:09:48.8N and 80:07:06.1W. The FCC FM-Query database lists the WSAJ-FM transmitter at the exact same latitude and longitude.

For those of you not familiar with WSAJ-FM, it's the Grove City College radio station. It plays classical music from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, student programming from 6:00PM to 10:00PM, and jazz from 10:00PM to 8:00AM. Good music and one of my favorite stations in the area.

Back on Sylvania, we looked at the broken tree and decided to defer the decision on how to do it. Cut down the stub tree north of the driveway. Cut the dead tree overhanging the burn pile, but got it hung up on adjacent tree. After a bit of work, finally got it free. The newly sharpened chain saw wasn't cutting well (an understatement), so we went to the Slippery Rock Lawn and Garden for some advice and ended up purchasing a new chain. Also stopped at Giant Eagle for some Gatorade, the Hardware store and Coney Island, where I got a six-pack of Stoudt's Scarlet Lady Ale. Back to the trees and found that the new chain worked MUCH better. Cut another tree stub down the hill, but didn't cut far enough and struggled trying to get it to fall, finally zipping it with chain saw to finish it off. A wedge got lost in the confusion of the tree going down. And never found. Weird!

Then we really enjoyed a couple of Scarlet Ladies.

And a grilled lamb dinner at Nahla's Middle Eastern Food Restaurant on Wilmington Ave, New Castle.

Saturday April 9

Books breakfast sandwiches for both of us and a Steamers cappuccino for Larry (both were really good).

We took a tour of New Castle's North Hill Historic District, which is in the National Register of Historic Places, listed February 18, 2000. It is roughly within Delaware, Neshannock, Hill Crest and Fairmont Aves., and Crescent, Falls, Beaver, Jefferson and Mercer Sts. Many, many nice houses, interesting architecture. Of course a bunch of cracker boxes also.

An old bridge foundation in New Castle's Gunton Park off Hillcrest Avenue.
It was part of a trolley line from New Castle to East Brook.
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church
North and Beaver Streets, downtown New Castle.
Built in 1925, it's also in the National Register of Historic Places, listed January 14, 1994.
LifeFlight helicopter from Allegheny General Hospital.
Rising from a house on Old Pittsburgh Road just north of Rose Stop and Upper Boyd School Roads.
Rumors have it the transportee was unconscious in the house for 3 days.

Back to the woods to cleanup after Friday's work. Turned out to be fairly easy, so Gene cut down another stub at the bottom of the hill. This one went really easy, even starting with a bunch of brush in the way. Practice makes perfect.

Gene left about 3:45. Back at 4:00 to get his doggy bags still in the refrig. Restart at 4:01. Gene called at about 9:30 to report that it was a safe, two milkshake (Shmily's and Krispy Kream) drive home.

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