Friday, September 17, 2004
Hurricane Ivan came roaring up from Alabama and ran into a gigantic high system, which stalled it over western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. It rained here all day, but fortunately for us never really hard here. Pittsburgh got about twice the amount we did. They set a record for amount of rain in one day, 5.95". The previous record had been set just a week earlier from the remnants of Hurricane Frances.

This is the radar estimation of the total rainfall in the Pittsburgh area 9/17/04. Amazing!
This was from the Weather Underground, whose weather site I highly recommend.
At the time I snapped this, it was still raining in the eastern third of the area covered by the radar above, so those areas probably ended up with more rain than is shown.

Saturday, September 18, 2004
Beverly's niece Megan came down from Union City and ran in an invitational high school cross-country track event held at Slippery Rock University. The field was really sloppy because of the rain the previous day.
Megan chugging up one of the the hills. She's the one in the green.
Megan's team (Union City) ended up winning the Girls Junior High School event.
Here they are with the trophy.