Lakeside Aug 13-21, 2004 . . .

Location of the 2004 Lakeside Bridge Tournament.

141 Jasmine; Lakeside, Ohio
The view west and east from the north (lake) end of Jasmine.
Looking down Jasmine from 2nd Street.

John and Fran's cottage is on the right, opposite the large leaning tree on the left.
Omar Shariff and Tannah Hirsch wannabes arriving.
The cottage my Aunt Cora used to own at 2nd and Laurel.
A nice garden on the west end of the Lakeside lakefront.
The fountain and flowers in front of the hotel.
The Lakeside Dock with a regatta in full sail.
Dee Grindley bending John and Fran's ear about some really important stuff.

That's John & Fran's cottage and Beverly's car on the right.

And of course, Lake Erie down the street.
John and Fran checking out the newly rebuilt train station.
Heritage Hall, the Lakeside museum.
One of our favorite places.
With two unknown customers.
Just another typical Lakeside cottage.
The Grindley's Ice Cream Parlor/Coffee Shoppe to be.

Notice how nice the mrytle along the sidewalk looks.
A clematis on the chimney.
An ore boat approaching the LaFarge loader early one morning.

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