October 2004 Huntingdon Adventure

Saturday October 23

Larry left Harlansburg at 9:30 ... cash fix in Prospect ... coffee fix at Sheetz Moraine ... arrived Schmidt house 12:15 (2:45 / 150.3 miles) ... Subway lunch take out, consumed at Schmidt house ...

USGS Smithfield Twp Juniata River gage.
For the last 7 days data, click here.

... Alexandria Pike and SR4003 to:

the confluence of the Juniata River, the Frankstown Branch and the Little Juniata.

... on through Petersburg to Lake Perez and Red Rose Road ... Dog Kennel visit ... ice cream bars at Whipple Dam gas station ...

Overlook on Tussey Mountain

chase hot air balloon ... into heavy traffic ... found it amidst tailgaters at the end of PSU 4 - Iowa 6 football game:

We watched them deflate the bag.
The trip was $175 per head for an hour out of Pine Grove Mills.

... escape traffic past Toftrees and University Park airport ... River gage on Spring Creek at Houserville ... new Mt Nittany Inn since fire ... Brody's in Old Fort for dinner ... home via SR45 via Spruce Creek. Lots of Fall foliage with no sun and much haze all afternoon. Check all little white signs.

Sunday October 24

up at 7:00 ... breakfast at Lighthouse (Billi's closed) & cappucino at McD's ... [discussed helicopter evacuation of Comfort Inn after Billi's fly-by on way to McD's] ... Hesston to see new intersection & crane rollover ... Seven Points to see foliage, new amphitheater and marina flood damage (closed) ...

stopped to admire Gene's kayak launching beach
Then the two loonies on the beach heard and finally saw the two loons in the water. Not such a great picture, so use your imagination.

... Entriken SR994 to check bank erosion near The Resort, then visit the Resort campgrounds and restaurant ... LR3001 to Broad Top coal region (actually Middletown) ... proceeded through Coalmont/Barnettstown/Dudley to:

The coal museum in Robertsdale (got in 15 minutes early - open at 1:00PM).
Met tour guide Margaret Hoover Duvall and historian/columnist Ronald Morgan.

... lunch at Our Place convenience store in Broad Top City ... [heavy fog at top of mountain (1800 foot elevation). headon crash at 9:20 AM in Wood Twp about when we were approaching Hesston ... noted flood damage along Shoup Run in Coalmont ... took side road towards Weaver Falls to find site of dismantled Saxton prototype nuclear reactor. Wrong road, but found going back into Saxton ... stopped at bridge near SNEC driveway for Shoup Run photos of flood damage ... back home on SR26 North at 5:00 PM, then off to Spriggles dinner at 6:00PM. Called it a night at 9:20 PM [lots of little white signs, foliage and fog all day!].

Monday October 25

Larry walked Bear while Smith slept ... breakfast at Billi's ... Smitty's coffee at McD's then over million bridge and back into Huntingdon on Penn St to note flood levels at ball fields/parks/stadium ... SR26 North to Alan Seeger and Bear Meadow, then SR45 from Boalsburg to pit stop at Snappy's in Old Fort ... on to Lock Haven via SR192, SR445, SR64, SR150, SR220 ... Sheetz MTO burgers in Lock Haven ... then to airport and:

The Piper Aviation Museum with a full parking lot. It turns out a telemarketing outfit operates out of the third floor. The on-break smokers were all pretty unaminous they didn't like the job, but it's the only thing available in town. They cautioned that when called, don't just hang up, ask to be taken off the list to prevent call-backs.
Smitty bug-eyed about one of the planes.
And taking a $5 joy ride around Chicago on a MS Flight Simulator.

A forgettable experience.

... followed Susquehanna River to Williamsport Airport lookout ... and on to Northumberland and:

Joseph Priestley museum, CLOSED MONDAYS ...

On to Sunbury's Fort Augusta, arriving at 4:45PM. It CLOSES AT 4:00PM ... On to Scott & Diane Debo's ("Hi, KEITH!") for nice visit with family ... looked for rubber dam on way down to Selinsgrove ... Selins Grove Brewery CLOSED SunMonTue so fly-by of Susquehanna University then to BJ's Pit Barbecue & Pub for Southern Pulled Pork with baked beans, cole slaw and Appalachian Beer from Harrisburg. REALLY hit the spot! ... Rushed home on US522 to Lewistown/US322 to Reedsville, and SR655 Big Valley (Kishacoquillas Valley) to Mill Creek, US22 to Huntingdon. A really fun day with too much haze for perfect leaf peeping. more little white signs.

Tuesday October 26

Rats. Last day. Breakfast at McD's & cappucino at Billi's, hit Mark's Corner News, then rush to Beidelheimer Road to survey tree knockdown in Rothrock/Alan Seeger Forest. Somewhere between Chinook winds and a tornado ... went up to overlook for great view of valley fog on a beautiful sunny day ... drove out past Whipple Dam and hit the SR26 overlook on Tussey ... watched a couple photographers, then rushed back to Huntingdon via SR305 Petersburg/Alexandria/US22 to Subway ... the little white sign at SR22 into Alexandria starts with 10 also ... stopped at DCNR for maps/questions, then lunch at home & Larry hits road about 1:45PM. Of course NOW the sun comes out to blind him all the way home. Smith takes Irene's mail over then takes a little nap and wakes up at 6:00PM!


James Carville played an attorney in "The people vs. Larry Flynt" (oliver Stone - 1996). He's done a number of films as himself. "The War Room" is another, on political campaign strategy, from Clinton's first-term campaign. He turned sixty on Monday while we were in the Piper Museum (born 10-25-44).

The number "N" on little white signs is roughly a distance indicator (N/20 miles from some other point in space). It is only a crude approximation, as it does not factor the warpage of time and space that occurs due to your vehicle's velocity and mass.
Another theory is that it's just a somewhat serial number to mark the road. They increment the numbers by 10 to be able to add intervening numbers in case of road rerouting. And start at 10 to allow for extending the road.

They are cleaning up the lawn tractor junk yard on US422 just east of Motorcycle Lane in Strongstown.

Trip distance was 150.3 miles via Skelp. I measured trip via Hollidaysburg as 146.8 in June. Skelp route was five minutes or so quicker and much easier getting through Altoona.

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